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Meet the Team

Justin Lee

Managing Partner

Justin Lee has wide-ranging experience both leading and managing large and small scale construction projects.  Justin holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston and has held various project management and business development roles in a variety of construction sectors.  His dedication to project management has been an integral part in ensuring projects are executed utilizing the latest project management fundamentals.  Justin believes effective communication is paramount to the success of any project and strives to make sure clients are informed and educated throughout the entire lifecycle of any construction endeavor.  In his spare time, Justin is an avid hunter, fisherman, and golfer and has a passion for anything and everything outdoors. 


Gabe Sauceda

Business Development Manager


Debbie Lee


Debbie is the Marketing Team Specialist at Big Tine Construction and has twenty plus years  as an Executive Administrator.  Debbie loves design, and is very passionate about quality content, search optimization, social engagement, and brainstorming ideas with the team to get the word out.  Debbie's motto is that our business strategy is not complete unless our customers can easily find us and identify with us. In her spare time, she loves hunting, golfing, camping, traveling and painting.

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